Strictly Electric Automobiles Pvt. Ltd started in 2019 with a vision to boost the mass adoption of electric vehicles in India. In January, 2022 we launched The EasyKit; India's First Universal Electric conversion kit for bicycles that can convert ANY normal bicycle to electric in less than 20 mins in a completely D.I.Y manner. Now, for people who don't have a cycle that they can convert, we have launched the EasyKit E-Cycle Edition!

You get all the features and components of the EasyKit built-in with an awesome bicycle, thereby making this the most versatile and feature-friendly e-cycle you can find in India.


Truly Portable Compact Battery

The portable battery can be easily attached and removed as and when needed. You can easily carry the super-compact battery dome with you in your bag as well. The charger that is provided is also super compact and is the same size as that of a conventional laptop charger.

The battery charges upto 70 Percent in one hour! Therefore, you will never have to face range anxiety again!

The Pedal Assist Mode


The EasyKit E-cycle comes equipped with the pedal assist sensor which calculates the amount of effort you put in during cycling and gives you an extra boost of energy from the motor accordingly. This is like riding a gym cycle, where you can control the amount of effort you want to put in while cycling!

The Throttle Mode

In the throttle mode, you can drive your e-cycle like a regular scooter/moped using the throttle/accelerator provided on the handle.

Technical Specifications: 

  • The E-Cycle comes with a 36V 5.8A Li-ion Swappable Battery Pack.
  • Universal Metal Casing for extra safety.
  • The EasyKit E-Cycle has a 36V 250 watt Front BLDC Hub-Motor Pre-fitted with Rims & Spoke.
  • It can come with Disk Break Options. All Connection Are Waterproof.
  • Suitable for Standard Front Forks of 100mm.
  • Comes With 5 Level of Pedal Assist Mode.
  • Our battery dome comes with Backlit Led DRL Lights.

Included in the Cycle:

  • Metallic Battery Box with 209-watt Li-ion battery.
  • Controller Assembly.
  • Front Rim integrated with 250-watt hub-motor.
  • Compact Charger (2A).
  • Display.
  • 5-level pedal assist sensor.
  • Throttle.
  • Wiring Harness.
  • E-Brakes for extra safety.
  • Single Speed (With our Pedal Assist mode you won't need multiple gears anyway)
  • Front Side Suspension.
  • All-terrain tyres.
  • Steel Frame.


SE E-Cycle - EasyKit Edition

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