The EasyKit Base is our most affordable conversion Kit. It includes the basic components that are needed to perform the conversion process, except for the battery. 

EasyKit Base - Kit Without Battery

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  • Package Contents

    1. Front Wheel Hub BLDC Motor (18 Months Warranty) - Top speed is capped at 25 kmph as per ARAI norms.

    2. Controller (12 Months Warranty)

    3. Throttle (6 Months) - Half throttle with side grip for ease of riding.

    4.  Display (6 Months)

    5. Five Level Pedal Assist Sensor (6 Months)

    6. Electronic Brakes (6 Months) - Cuts off power supply to motor once you apply the brakes to give you the best handling experience. 

    7. Wiring Harness (6 Months)