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We are soon coming up with the most efficient and affordable daily commuting option - Mastani.

Like its namesake, Mastani is crafted with perfection. We have taken it upon ourselves to make the most comfortable riding experience ever! Due to its well thought out premium ergonomic design, two passengers will comfortably be able ride on this vehicle.

Mastani will be a hybrid of a cycle and a bike, so that you get the best of both worlds. 

It will have a range of 120+ kilometers with a detachable battery that fully charges within 1.5 hours!

Along with this, Mastani will have features like

 - Anti theft

 - LCD Color Display with Navigation

 - USB Port for charging

 - Dedicated App for tracking vehicle performance

 - Geo Location and Geo Fencing System

 - Smart Key functionality

 - Integrated Smart controlled Paddle Assist

All this at the most affordable price as per the current market. 

While we finalize the prototype, we need your suggestions to make this the best available electric vehicle ever made.

Please fill out the following Survey to help us create a product that you will love!