The Problem

Do you currently own a petrol powered bike or a scooter?


Then you must be facing the following problems,


  • The mileage of a petrol vehicle drops down drastically after the first year of use making the operational cost extremely high.

  • The conventional petrol vehicle also needs a lot of maintenance after a certain amount of time.

  • The vehicle becomes unsafe and there are a lot of legal issues as well.

  • Oh and yes, petrol is killing our planet! 


All you have to do, is bring your 2 wheeler to us.


We will take out the older petrol engine and replace it with cooler electric parts ,thereby converting your older petrol vehicle, into a brand new electric vehicle, at a very affordable cost, where you choose the range, speed and even the look of your fully customized vehicle.

You can also choose to keep your petrol engine and just add an electric mode to make it a hybrid. In this case you will be able to ride your vehicle in petrol mode as well as electric mode. 

In hybrid mode, when you ride your vehicle in petrol mode, the regenerative BLDC motor in you vehicle automatically charges the battery which causes a monstrous reduction the operational cost of your vehicle.

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