Strictly Electric was founded in 2019 by Mihir Pawar and Durgesh Garud both of whom recognized that India's pledge to climate change mandated an efficient yet scalable paradigm shift in a young and promising micro-mobility market. 

Devised by the novel megatrend of EV and a holistic agenda to propel the mass adoption of electric vehicles in India, we aspire to become a leader in EV solutions. We are committed to our overriding objective of keeping the planet green while synchronously improving people's way of life. (We know its a long shot, but we'll get there eventually)

We have raised our first round of funding and are on track for launching EasyKit along with our service end of business under the brandname checkmyev.

We are looking for talented individuals that can join us in our vision! If you like what you see, please check out the vaccancies below.

Head of Marketing and Sales

Head of Technology

Head of Operations

We look forward to working with you!