Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install EasyKit on my Cycle?

EasyKit is a Universal Cycle Conversion Kit. It can fit ANY cycle. You just have to mention your tyre size while placing your order post-launch and you are good to go!

What is the Price of EasyKit?

We are currently in the pre-launch phase where you just have to show your interest by joining our waitlist. Once you join the waitlist, we will keep you updated with the details of our upcoming launch and early bird offers. However, we are not revealing the price of the product yet as that will happen at a later stage. Note: Please do not insist that we give you an estimate of the costing now, as that is only going to be reveled at a later stage. However, we assure you that the price will be affordable and resonable. We are condifent that you will agree with us once its revealed.

Do I need to go to a mechanic to install the EasyKit?

Absolutely Not. You can install EasyKit on any cycle of your choice in less than 20 mins by yourself. Its called EasyKit for a reason!

What is the running cost of EasyKit?

When it comes to running cost, EasyKit is one of the most affordable options. While operating on throttle mode, it costs only 5 paise per kilometer. Thats right!

Will installing EasyKit on my cycle void my cycle's warranty?

EasyKit is completely non-invasive on your cycle. You dont need to make ANY changes to your cycle, the tyre just fits on like a well made hat on your cycle. Hence, it will not void your cycle's warranty*

Where can I charge my EasyKit?

EasyKit comes with a standard 3 pin fast charger which is compatible with your house and office sockets in India. Hence charging will never be a problem!

Can I get a physical demo of the EasyKit?

Ofcourse! Upon the launch, we will love to give you a free ride. Please join the waitlist on our website and we will get back to you depending on your location in India

I dont live in India. Can I get the EasyKit?

Yes you can. First you have to join the waitlist on our website. Once we launch the product, we will get back to you and give you an update on how we can ship EasyKit to your country.