India's First Universal Electric Conversion Kit is here!



EasyKit is India's First Universal Electric Conversion Kit for Bicycles. Gone are the days of gathering parts, checking compatibility, and spending hours at your local cycle shop for converting your cycle to electric. We are giving you the best cycling experience using your own cycle in 3 Easy DIY Steps!


35 Kms


250 Watts

Pedal Assist

5 levels

Li-Ion Battery

5 Amp

Top Speed

25 Km/Hr

Ultra-Fast Charging

40 mins Charge Time


Convert Any Cycle In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 2

Clamp the casing that consists of the removable battery and controller to the handle using the given tools. Then attach the throttle and digital screen accordingly and connect the wires as per the tutorials, thus completing the top assembly.

Time Required: 8 mins

Step 1

Replace the front tyre of your cycle with the one provided with EasyKit which comes with an integrated Hub-Motor. All the tools needed for the same along with detailed tutorials will be provided with the Kit.

Time Required: 5 mins

Step 3

Finally, attach the Pedal Assist sensor to the crank. This doesn't require any dismantling of the crank, you just snap the sensor in place. Make the final wiring connections as per the tutorials and enjoy the ride! 

Time Required: 4 mins

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